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Prepare Your Fence for Hurricane Season

hurricane season

Make sure your fence is prepared for hurricane season!

August through November is hurricane season, and September is its peak! Hurricane Hermine didn’t end up causing too much damage, but who knows what havoc the next hurricane will wreak? Even a regular thunderstorm runs the chance of causing damage to a fence. So, is your home prepared for hurricane season? And, most importantly, is your fence?? Believe it or not, there are actually several things you can do that can help your fence weather through a hurricane.

Trim Trees

One of the biggest dangers to any fence is falling tree branches. Take the time to walk around your property and inspect your trees. If any trees seem close enough to affect your fence, be sure to look for loose branches. If there are any branches on your trees that don’t have leaves when the surrounding branches do, this means that the branch is dead. Be sure to have dead branches removed, as they’ll almost certainly fall during a bad storm. Keep an eye out for dying or diseased trees as well; an unhealthy tree has a higher chance of uprooting in high winds.

Make Sure Your Fence Posts Are Sturdy

Whether your fence is brand new or it has been standing for years, be sure to check each fence post for stability. Simply place your hand on the top of the posts and wiggle it to see if it moves. If the fence post does not seem stable, have it fixed before the storm hits. A loose fence post could topple and take a portion of the fence along with it.

Lock the Gate

Just as a loose fence post can go flying and pull out other sections of fence along with it, an unclosed gate can also catch the wind and tear out the surrounding fence. Even if the gate doesn’t completely dislodge, it can slam against the fence, which weakens the gate and causes ugly scratches.

Remove Objects From Your Yard

What’s worse than your $200 bicycle getting ruined by high winds? Your $200 bicycle taking the fence out along with it! Loose debris in your yard gets thrown around at high speeds during a hurricane. This not only puts your fence in danger but could also break or damage windows and other parts of the home.

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