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4 Backyard Wood Fence Maintenance Tips

Backyard Wood Fence Maintenance Tips

Keep your backyard wood fence in top shape for years to come with these important maintenance tips!

Whether you’ve got a robust cedar privacy fence or a dainty white picket fence, maintenance is crucial. Preserving wood fences and minimizing damage and wear is no small task, especially in places like Virginia. Damp weather, temperature fluctuations, and active wildlife can each present significant challenges for exterior wood features, but backyard wood fence maintenance can help homeowners protect their investments. Follow these four backyard wood fence maintenance tips to keep your fence standing tall for as long as possible.

Keep Your Wood Fence Clean

One of the most valuable things you can do as a wood fence owner is to keep your barrier clean. Some homeowners swear by power washers, while others dutifully remove grime with soap, water, and a soft brush. No matter which method you use, keeping your barrier free of dirt and grime can help you prevent staining, dirt accumulation, and mold or mildew buildup.

Regular Inspections are Vital for Backyard Wood Fence Maintenance

Keeping a clean fence is just a starting point. Inspecting your barrier regularly is a crucial part of backyard wood fence maintenance. Look for signs of damage, infestation, or disrepair, and contact a fence maintenance professional for repair. Finding problems early on is essential, so make sure to add inspections to your preventative maintenance routine.

Take Termites and Wood Rot Seriously

Insects and wood rot are among the most nefarious causes of damage to wood fences. These sources of damage aren’t always quickly recognizable, and homeowners must keep a watchful eye out for the beginning stages of infestations, rot, and mold. Addressing these issues quickly can allow fence repair professionals to remain more conservative with their treatment options; early detection may mean the difference between replacing a post or two and replacing an entire length of fencing.

Finish (or Refinish) Your Backyard Wood Fence

For humans, skin is the primary layer of defense helping to protect our internals from the harsh outside world. It’s not that much different from wood fences, which use finishing agents to protect the integrity of the wooden material! If you haven’t applied a finish to your fence, or if it has been a while since your last application, consider doing this now. Your fence will stay stronger for longer!

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